Allinge Badehotel

A Majestic Getaway

Step back in time and discover the fascinating charm of Allinge Badehotel, a medieval haven set on the scenic Danish island of Bornholm. With its rich legacy, carefully conserved architecture, and modern conveniences, this beautiful hotel guarantees a wonderful stay for guests seeking peace and a taste of Danish history. This article delves into the fascinating background of Allinge Badehotel and its collaboration with JustBoats, an eco-friendly boat tour company that offers special private excursion packages for a unique Bornholm experience.

A Time Travel Adventure

The Allinge Badehotel has a rich history that includes brushes with nobility. In 1851, King Frederik VII and Countess Danner stayed at the hotel and paid it a royal visit. When the town clerk of the area moved into the structure in 1831, it was given the name “Byskrivergaarden,” strengthening its importance in the community even further.

During the 1980s, Tom and Lisbeth Panduro embarked on a remarkable renovation of the historic building, transforming it into the charming Allinge Badehotel that it is today. In 2020, Christian Rasmussen and Cathrine Andersen purchased the hotel from Panduro with a mission to create a peaceful haven where guests can come together and unwind in the breathtaking coastal setting of Bornholm. Their focus is on creating a unique and memorable guest experience, blending luxury with a welcoming and subtle atmosphere.

Book Your Accommodation at Allinge Badehotel Today

Through their website,, or by calling +4571965616, Allinge Badehotel provides easy booking and reservation alternatives. Guests can enjoy a seamless fusion of historic charm and modern comfort with beautifully decorated rooms and contemporary amenities designed to make your stay genuinely unforgettable.

Discover the Hidden Gems of Bornholm’s Coastline with JustBoats Tours

Delve into the captivating splendor of Bornholm by partaking in private boat tours provided through a partnership between Allinge Badehotel and JustBoats, an environment-friendly boat tour company. These individually tailored trips allow visitors to unearth the island’s hidden gems and gaze upon its striking landscapes.

Committed to sustainable tourism practices, JustBoats operates a fleet of clean electric boats with zero emissions, preserving the pristine beauty of Bornholm for generations to come.

Explore Unique Travel Experiences

Visit to get more details about the different tour experiences available. With options like enchanting sunset cruises, engaging historical excursions, and dynamic birdwatching outings, JustBoats has something to suit every taste. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime odyssey as you traverse the magnificent coastal scenery of Bornholm.

Allinge Badehotel and JustBoats welcome you to explore the mesmerizing island of Bornholm in an entirely new way. Lose yourself in the ageless magnetism of this storied sanctuary and uncover its breathtaking beauty on exceptional boat tours. Book your accommodations at Allinge Badehotel and organize your bespoke Bornholm adventure with JustBoats today. We eagerly await your arrival!

Author: Rose Anne


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