Danhostel Sanvig 


Bornholm has been a hallmark of Denmark when it comes to tourist destinations and being coined as the top summer destination of Denmark, it is more than expected to have tourists and visitors every day.  Backpacking is not easy, especially when looking for accommodations, yet, Bornholm has lots of budget-friendly hostels and hotels to choose from.

Danhostel Sanvig is one of the closest and most pocket-friendly hostels to book since it is located in North Bornholm and is the best place to start the trip as it is closest to Hammershus and Hammerknude, and the nearest tourist spot of Opal Lake is just a walking distance in the area.  Danhostel is being managed by a family which gives a much homier feel.  It has 27 rooms all with attached bathrooms with a cozy receiving lobby.  Breakfast buffet is always available daily in their beautiful garden and their courtyards are open for grilling and barbeques. Danhostel is circled by good food local restaurants to dine at and conservatory areas to explore the neighborhood.  Even the hostel is very close to the beach harbor for tourists to visit.

Danhostel Sanvig is a hostel like no other as they have the most flexible way of staying since even the owners are living in the hostel in private and permanently, it is easier to have more flexibility in terms of your requirements and your stay.  This hostel also ensures the best way to sustain the environment and to live up to the UN’s global climate-friendly hostel.  Moreover, they also provide access to easier tour bookings to have the best outdoor experience in North Bornholm.

Getting more excited?  Danhostel is able to a more advanced experience if you book through their own website as they can the best price with more room options, add-ons, and adjustments with linens and other room needs and moreover, the homey Danish service.  Supporting locally can give more chances for local hostels to improve. 

If you have any plans of coming to Bornholm for the holidays or for personal trips, feel free to visit Danhostel Sanvig website at https://www.danhostel.dk/ or call +45 5648 0980 for reservations.  And since Bornholm is an island to explore, Danhostel also partners with credible boat tour companies to secure their guests to have an exploration along the island which is JustBoats, the most eco-friendly boat tour company in Bornholm.  You may also visit their website at https://www.bornholmsbaadfart.dk/ to have the best boat tour experience to enjoy your visit in Bornholm.

Author: Nerizza


Departure locations from Hammerhavn and Svaneke