Dueodde Familie Camping and Hostel

A Majestic Getaway

Dueodde Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Europe and this has been one of the best reasons why Bornholm was called to be the Summer capital of Denmark.  This beach is stretched and a few kilometers long with such amazing fine white sand, it is even used in hourglasses because of its fineness.  Beside the beach are the huge sand dunes wherein people are able to do 4×4 trips and have a great façade of the beach while watching the sunset.  Dueodde Beach has been the go-to place for people who want their tans to be visible.  In any part of the year, Dueodde Beach never ran out of visitors, what more during its peak season?

There were lots of hotels standing along the beach but one of the most famous is the Duoedde Familie Camping and Hostel.  What makes this hostel stand out from the rest is the fact that tourists are able to visit and have the option to stay with the hostel or just simply have overnight camping with friends and family.  Caravans, motorhomes, or even tents are allowed in the campsite for the campers to have their most convenient camping experience.  The hostel as well offers cheap room rates for the visitors to check in to their hotel.  With the great view and choices of restaurants and even having a private pool inside their hostel.  It gives feels-like home vibes to their guests.

Dueodde Familie Camping and Hostel provide the best experience to their guests and campers even if their area is pet friendly.  They allow their visitors to bring their pets along with them while staying in the resort.  The hostel offers packages and even entrance charges depending on the number of people and their ages.  The prices vary between seasons, the prices change when peak season comes.  They also have family offer packages of up to 14 days to maximize the enjoyment in Duoedde Beach.  

The hostel management ensures that they can give the best experience and entertainment possible to their guests.  They also offer free activities such as yoga classes on the beach, beach workouts, color dances, and much more to have a better bonding among guests.  They also partner with other tour companies to provide special offer tour packages roaming around Bornholm while in the stay.

It is indeed that Dueodde Familie Camping and Hostel are one of a kind and this experience is something that the tourists and visitors will always look forward to coming and visiting again and again. 

Author: Nerizza


Departure locations from Hammerhavn and Svaneke