Klostergaarden Hotel

 the Oldest Hotel in Bornholm

Bornholm has been a great tourist destination for those people who wanted to relax and have a taste of history since the place has been preserved from then and now.  The island is considered the summer capital of Denmark and it has a continuous visit from tourists every day and moreover during summer because of its picturesque landscapes and panoramic sea view.  Beaches have been a great go-to for people who wanted to gain some “Vitamin-Sea”.  On the other hand, some people visit too to have a glance at the historic and majestic past of the island which is still standing nowadays.  Having that said, getting onto the island can be a bit tiring and yet having a good place to stay will reenergize our minds and soul for another adventure.  Hotels are just in every corner of the Island but what makes one stand out from the other?  What about a historic hotel too?

Klostergaarden Hotel is the oldest hotel in Bornholm standing since 1901 and from then on, guests who visit Bornholm consider Klostergaarden as their temporary home.  This hotel is very cozy and homey and is located just a few meters away from the beach and near the town center of Allinge.  Considering the fact that the hotel is more than a hundred years old, the hotel has been renovated throughout the years to align themselves too with the current hotel trends and yet, they are still able to preserve and retain the old style and coziness look of it.  Who can’t be in love with its history?  

Klostergaarden Hotel has a total of 25 rooms, each with a bathroom with options between single, double, and family rooms which are perfect for backpackers or group and family tours.  There is an attractive garden in the yard wherein the Allinge’s cliffs are beautifully visible along the sea.   Klostergaarden also offers special event packages and reservations for those who want to have their special gatherings and life events on the Island.  

Being able to come to a historic piece of land and being able to stay in a historic place where was able to witness all the historic events is an experience of a lifetime.  Aside from the joyful feeling, it gives the great pleasure of imagining how things were going back in the day.  Therefore, booking in Klostergaarden is a great option to enjoy the trip to Bornholm.  

Klostergaarden offers booking and reservations through their website at https://hotelklostergaarden.dk/ or call +45 56480167.  If you are looking for tour packages as well to enjoy the sea view of Bornholm, Klostergaarden Hotel also partners with JustBoats.dk which is an eco-friendly boat tour company that offers private boat tour packages to enjoy a more personalized travel experience in Bornholm.  You may also visit https://bornholmsbaadfart.dk/ to know more about their tour packages.  See you there!

Author: Nerriza


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