Nordskoven Strand Camping

A Haven for Nature Lovers in Bornholm

Nordskoven Strand Camping, which is tucked away in Bornholm’s stunning surroundings, makes a lovely home base for an environmentally mindful vacation. For families, couples, and groups looking for an active, outdoor escape, Nordskoven offers a variety of lodging options and activities to suit any visitor.


A Camping Experience for Everyone


For those looking to take in the best of Bornholm’s natural beauty while strengthening relationships with loved ones, Nordskoven Strand Camping is a perfect choice because it values togetherness and presence. A vibrant, diversified area where guests can live, explore, and unwind together amidst the stunning scenery is now available at the campsite, which has gone beyond typical camping.


Choose Your Adventure


To suit your particular requirements and interests, Nordskoven offers a range of lodging alternatives. Nordskoven has accommodations for all preferences, from lovely red wooden cabins with private patios to roomy, well-equipped glamping tents tucked away in a little oasis across the park. If you’d rather have a more traditional camping experience, the campsite has spacious lawns to set up your tent or even spend the night in a hammock in the Hikers Corner.


Embrace the Great Outdoors


The ideal starting point for experiencing Bornholm’s various outdoor activities is Nordskoven Strand Camping. Nordskoven offers a variety of activities, including cycling through the gorgeous sceneries of the island, climbing trees, boating across the seas, and hiking the region’s rocky terrain. You can unwind in the evenings by the camp’s communal bonfires while making priceless memories with your loved ones.


Unrivaled Location and Sustainable Living


Nordskoven Strand Camping blends convenience and comfort with the raw beauty and authenticity of nature and is located on the edge of a thick woodland and a beautiful beach. From environmentally friendly practices to the positive messages posted throughout the campground, the green and sustainable spirit is clear in every way. The committed crew at Nordskoven works hard to create a friendly atmosphere so that each visitor can enjoy delectable cuisine and beverages made with love while feeling at home.


Experience Bornholm Your Way


Nordskoven Strand Camping caters to a variety of holiday types, including:


Romantic getaways for couples

Cycling vacations

Corporate retreats

Family holidays with children

Group trips with friends

Hiking adventures

Book Your Stay Today


Secure your reservation at Nordskoven Strand Camping by visiting their website at or calling them directly at +45 40 20 30 68. Enhance your Bornholm experience with a private boat tour package from JustBoats, an eco-friendly boat tour company partnered with Nordskoven to offer personalized travel experiences. Visit to learn more about their tour packages and embark on a remarkable journey through Bornholm’s breathtaking sea views.


Nordskoven Strand Camping welcomes you to experience Bornholm in a truly unforgettable way, no matter what kind of holiday you desire. See you there!

Author: Rose Anne


Departure locations from Hammerhavn and Svaneke