Stammershalle Badehotel

Relax, Dine, and Stay at Stammershalle Badehotela

Stammershalle Badehotel & Restaurant is a true gem on the beautiful island of Bornholm. Built in 1911 as a summer residence, the hotel has a rich history and has been transformed into a stunning spa hotel. Located on the rocky coast between Tejn and Gudhjem, the hotel offers a unique view of the Baltic Sea towards Christiansø.


For many years, Stammershalle Badehotel has long been a popular destination in Bornholm for parties and family getaways. Being one of the best beach hotels in Denmark right now, it embodies the classic beach hotel atmosphere on Solskinsøen Bornholm. Recently, the hotel completed renovations that preserved the original structure and distinguishing elements while adding modern amenities and exquisite dining experiences in the on-site restaurant.


Having said that, Stammershalle Badehotel’s restaurant is undoubtedly a standout feature. In a cozy and comfortable setting, visitors may enjoy gourmet meals made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients according to the season. The talented chefs have created well-prepared dishes with a love for regional specialties that vary every month. The hotel’s sommelier has thoughtfully matched each glass after it has been served on the plate, and you may select from 4- and 7-course exquisite menus with plenty of choices for wine.


A breakfast buffet featuring homemade meals and a selection of Bornholm delicacies is available to guests. On Sundays, the restaurant also serves the popular Bubble Brunch, which is known for its high standards of flavor and freshness. Additionally, you can reserve a vegetarian gourmet menu that the chefs have created if you’re searching for a more specialized dining experience.


The restaurant also features an extensive wine list emphasizing French wines or wines from regions that complement the seasonal menu. On special dates, professional pianists are invited to play music in the restaurant, adding to the already magical atmosphere.


But the gourmet experience doesn’t end with the restaurant – Stammershalle Badehotel also offers fine wines and wine menus. And if you’re looking to explore more of Bornholm’s stunning coastline, Stammershalle Badehotel has partnered with JustBoats, an eco-friendly boat tour company offering personalized tour packages. Visit to learn more.


Ready to book your stay at Stammershalle Badehotel & Restaurant? You can make reservations by email at or by calling +45 56 48 42 10. Come experience the unique charm and beauty of Stammershalle Badehotel & Restaurant on Bornholm Island – we’ll see you there!


Author: Rose Anne



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