Timeless Elegance at Sandkaas Badehotel

A Majestic Getaway

Immerse yourself in the idyllic setting of Bornholm Island, where the charming Sandkaas Badehotel awaits. This small, traditional bath hotel exudes warmth, comfort, and familiarity, making it the perfect getaway for couples, families with older children, or friends seeking a serene and revitalizing escape.


Experience the Personal Touch at Sandkaas Badehotel


At Sandkaas Badehotel, guests are welcomed with an intimate and inviting atmosphere, complete with floral wallpaper, high panels, vibrant colors, and a delightful mix of stripes and checks. Each detail is thoughtfully curated to evoke the essence of “The good life.” Indulge in the simple joys of sipping aromatic coffee and tea, and delight in a delectable, freshly prepared breakfast buffet each morning.


The Storied Past and Ownership of Sandkaas Badehotel


Constructed in the early 1900s by a German merchant searching for a summer haven, Sandkaas Badehotel has been operating as a hotel since the 1950s under various proprietors. Known locally as “Det hvide hus,” the hotel has played a significant role in the lives and celebrations of many Bornholmers. Today, current owners Josephine and Christian are thrilled to welcome guests to experience an authentic, classic beach hotel.


Reserving Your Stay at Sandkaas Badehotel


To enjoy the calming sounds of waves, the expansive sky, and the enchanting sea at Sandkaas Badehotel, book your stay through their website. To make a reservation, email mail@sandkaasbadehotel.dk or call +45 28 20 78 94.


Explore the Wonders of Bornholm with JustBoats


Guests seeking to discover the stunning sea vistas of Bornholm can take advantage of Sandkaas Badehotel’s partnership with JustBoats, an eco-friendly boat tour company. JustBoats.dk provides private boat tour packages, allowing for a customized exploration of the island. For more information on their tour offerings, visit https://bornholmsbaadfart.dk/.


Escape the daily grind and embrace serenity at Sandkaas Badehotel. We eagerly await your arrival for an unforgettable and rejuvenating experience.


Author: Rose Anne



Departure locations from Hammerhavn and Svaneke